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Newborn Visits

Our newborn visits provide comprehensive care for your little one's health and development. From the first days of life, we ensure your baby's growth, nutrition, and overall well-being are on track, offering peace of mind and guidance for new parents.

Newborn Circumcision

We offer safe and gentle newborn circumcision, performed by experienced pediatricians. Our team ensures a comfortable environment for your baby, using the latest techniques for a quick and smooth procedure, with detailed aftercare instructions for parents.

Newborn Bilirubin Monitoring

Our newborn bilirubin monitoring service vigilantly checks for jaundice, a common condition in newborns. We use non-invasive methods to measure bilirubin levels, ensuring your baby's liver function and health are closely monitored and managed.

Ear Piercing

Our ear piercing service for children is performed in a sterile, safe environment by skilled pediatric professionals. We offer a variety of hypoallergenic earrings and provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

Routine Well Exams and Vaccinations

Regular well exams and vaccinations are key to your child's health. Our comprehensive check-ups track growth, development, and overall health, while vaccinations protect against various diseases, keeping your child healthy and thriving.

Sick Visits

When your child is unwell, our sick visit services offer prompt, compassionate care. We diagnose and treat a range of illnesses, ensuring your child's quick recovery, while offering guidance and support to parents during these challenging times.

Sports Physicals

Our sports physicals ensure your child is ready and safe to participate in sports. We assess their physical health, identify any potential risks, and provide recommendations for safe sports participation, supporting your child's active lifestyle.

Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Protect your child against the seasonal flu with our flu vaccination service. The flu vaccine is the best defense against the flu, reducing the risk of illness, hospitalization, and complications, and is recommended for all children over 6 months.

Why Choose Us

Your Child's Health, Our Priority

We provide top-quality healthcare with skilled and caring pediatric professionals in a positive environment. Come visit us today!

Child-Friendly Atomosphere

Our facilities are designed with your child in mind, featuring a child-friendly environment that minimizes anxiety and promotes a positive experience.

Compassionate Approach

We understand that every child is unique, and our compassionate approach ensures that your little ones receive personalized attention, fostering a sense of comfort and trust.

Trusted by the Community

Join the many families who have entrusted their children's health to us; we are proud to be a trusted and integral part of the community, since 1971.